Thursday, October 9, 2008


For my project I have chosen to pass through  the mirror of Luis Carroll  and dealing whit the role and responsibilities of designers. The visual metaphors  will  be represented by using the Alice in wonderland theme in order to make it looking like a sort of trip into the graphic design world, there will be a sort of parallelism between the surrealistic  world of Alice full of symbols  and paradoxes and the real world of graphic design. I know that someone already used these subject in the past, but this time it will be different, not only illustrations, it will be not looking like the classic representation seen in Disney`s cartoons which has bean a failure in my opinion, whit the exception of the Cheshire cat maybe...... What I want to do is trying to make the philosophy of the absurd of Carroll emerging but at the same time maintaining  the  peculiar  and narrative imprint that only that philosophy would justify.

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Lanz said...

I think thats the best idea yet. XD