Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gemma: "Trying to Look Good Limits My Life"

Stephen Sagmeister

Stephen Sagmeister is indeed a talented individual in the area of design, adapting a unique style as he applies his ideas and personality to his projects.

One of his works in which stood out to me in terms of visual aesthetics as well as being strong conceptually is “trying to look good limits my life.” This particularly caught my eye at first because of its motion flickering images sequence in which I wanted to stay and watch so that the 
full statement could be read.

Secondly was the aesthetics that caught my eye and the amount of work that went into creating the ‘scratchy’ sort of typography and diversity in each word. It is more than obvious that the techniques used would have been very time consuming with the intention to give more effect on the statement in terms of the responder’s response.

In relation to the interviews with Sagmeister, it is clear that his outlook on life is more emotional rather than physical, as the design 
work states. In a particular interview (the one with ‘Designboom’ his liking for music can be 
representative of the more important aspects of life.

Sagmeister is always willing to learn, either new things from other or even about himself. He brings a new light to aspects of life, which is particularly evident in this work. Again reflecting his personality is the fact that he works in a small studio, which he intended on purpose, showing that he is real, he suggests new things towards realistic happenings in the work around him. I guess he wants to ask everyone the 
question why are we so concerned with looking good?

I think this work represents a way for him to express his ideals on the importance on life and 
possibly ask his audience to question their take 
on their own lives. When I look at this work I myself question my attitude and choices I make in terms of the importance of physical appearance and the consequences of these choices either good or bad.

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