Sunday, July 27, 2008


Stefan Sagmeister is an enigma.  His work is extremely bold and confronting and intentionally thought provoking.  The image that I have chosen is a poster that Sagmeister created for singer Lou Reed of Velvet Underground fame, for his solo albumn ‘set the twilight reeling’.  The poster is very simple, yet very striking and effective.  A well-framed black and white photograph of Lou Reeds face in which his eyes are the focal point, they captivate the viewer and the song lyrics scrawled across the contours of his face to give the impression that they are carved into the skin.  Sagmeister also used this concept for an AIGA lecture poster in which he went a step further and actually carved the text into his skin with a razor blade.  This is a fair indication of his dedication to his craft and a window in his psyche.  He is a very choosy designer and refuses to expand his office space, preferring to remain exclusive and solely work on projects of his choice.  In closing Stefan Sagmeister is a truly unique designer and individual and I wasn’t surprised at all to find that he doesn’t have any pets. 

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