Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sagmeister - A Weird Sense Of Humour. Tane

Stefan Sagmeister – A Weird Sense Of Humour

Some say Stefan Sagmeister uses gratuitous shock imagery and unnecessary, disgusting bodily art.
Some say he is a bit egotistical and hogs the limelight.
Some say he is a wanker.
Well, I say to those people, ‘Shut your whinehole.’
Many people who have met him will tell you he is a good guy, approachable and very accommodating for industry learners.
Sagmeister strikes me as a man of taste. He knows exactly what he wants and usually has to step into his work in order to get it. Yes, he uses unnecessary, stomach curling portraiture, but as a way to establish himself as a designer of difference, above the compressing board of appropriate standards. Someone needs to.
And, most notably I am struck by a constant absurd sense of humour in his work. He peppers it all with an underlying sort of sly grin. Some of his work convey almost philosophical observational truths like this:

Some of his work has a wacky undertone, a skewed sort of idiocy such as this:

And some feature overt jokes such as ‘Style=Fart’:

I believe these are the makings of a good, healthy sense of humour. Sagmeister is putting the funny into graphic design, which the industry needs.
He tirelessly pushes the envelope, the envelope that is gradually getting harder to push because so many other envelope pushers have pushed the envelope before you and these days its hard to get even near the envelope. He is highly creative yet narrows himself to slick business-like imagery on his output. This is very hard to do for one with such explosive imagination and good humour.
So Viva Sagmeister. I salute heem.

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Clea said...

Glad that you found him interesting. I agree with you about pushing the envelope and your insight that it is difficult to get in the vicinity of the envelope these days.
We certainly need designers like Sagmeister to shake us out of our complacency and raise the bar in regards to graphic design and as you point out do it with good humour.