Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister

 “Being Not Truthful Works Against Me”

This installation by Sagmeister and Ralph Ammer is a digital representation of a spider web. The words woven into the web reads “Being Not Truthful Works Against Me” derive from his book “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”. The words are included in the list of his book. The main attraction to this instillation is that the web is interactive. As the shadow of the viewer passes through the web it destroys itself, though rebuilds itself over time.

The statement in the web asks of the viewer a personal question, of whether they are being honest with themselves. The message in the web also gives an almost inside look in the personal feelings and beliefs of Sagmeister and Ammer. The interactive nature of the web brings the artwork to life, making the audience a contributor to the art itself. The way the instillation is destroyed by the audience then rebuilt is pleasing. First feeling as though they have changed the work, then realising that it regenerates, almost being reborn.

The work seems simple though engaging. The thought that is behind the work entrances the audience, being both visually pleasing and eye capturing, being not too busy though very involved. The typography is quirky, not being set to strict rule, showing us that this artwork is being truthful to the both artists.

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Clea said...

An excellent example of Stefan Sagmeister at his most graphically elegant. Provocative yet not as confronting as many of his other pieces with cut flesh, cow tongues etc.
I too like the question he poses, about being truthful, and the way it is typographically entangled in a web generally associated with lies - an interesting visual metaphor.