Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tracy: Stefan Sagmeister

Tracy: Stefan Sagmeister; AIGA National Conference Las Vagas.

Probably more than the visual aesthetics 
of Sagmeister's designs, I appreciate his positions on "art" content and his philosophy on how to touch the audience in a valuable way. I think Sagmeister's designs are thought provoking and satisfying visually as well as on an audie
nce moving level.

The debate on "what constitutes art" will probably go on for all eternity. I think Sagmeister's quoting of Brian Eno, as couching "art" works as 'triggers for experience' rather than 'objects', rounds out the debate sufficiently.

I agree with Sagmeister again as he expresses the importance of certain elements which are necessary ingredients for the development of a touching piece of work. I find it apt that Sagmeister lists among the content of his favourite pieces, works by artists who extract meaning from life lessons in the case of Konrad and his chopped off thumbs and life philosophy in the case of True and the overlay-ed train signage

Sagmeister found it necessary to include the information that True had furnished his helping friends with ID badges and authenticating letters in order to keep them safe whilst carrying out their tasks. I find this interesting because although and as well as Sagmeister's message during this talk being that even if all of the essential elements of quality are present (New perspective, Trigger of memories, Passion, Guts, Surprise, Virtuosity and Beauty) in a design; unless the designer comes from an authentic place, the artwork remains ineffective. I find this stance interesting because all of the pieces he chose as his favorites camefrom places of authenticity within the life philosophies of the artists he chose.

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Clea said...

I like his recipe for quality too, and find the discussion about authenticity more relevant than ever.
This authentic place he is coming from does permeate his work and rings true with the viewer/audience = effective communication.
In these times of a zillion messages coming at you it is only those that ring true are going to reach their target.