Sunday, July 27, 2008

PAOLO - Stephan Sagmeister

Self-confidence Produces Fine Results, 10,000 bananas and glue, installation view at Deitch Projects

Stephan Sagmeister is a very interesting graphic designer

 to me I think his works reflect a true design need… to visually communicate an idea…

and he does so with the designer’s heart on it’s sleeve. In his web site I really like the section dedicated to students, I found it really inspiring. He suggest to the students to "work their ass off" at the beginning of their studies, that is necessary to do as much as possible to figure out what they really like. He says : " Read a lot , have multiple interests, Check out product designs, go out a lot, look at art, think outside of the annua

ls. It was good  and necessary to  understand Sagmeister`s style more deeply, to have a look at some works that come frome his favourite graphic designers like for example Tibor Kalman (he has been even one of his mentors)  James Victor, Michael Beirut, Rich Valicenti. I`ve really loved some peaces of art that appear in one of his last interactive exhibitions that is even a typographic experiment named " THINGS I`VE LEARNED IN MY LIFE SO FAR". The exhibition will include works that have a life of their own, transforming throughout 

the exhibition as viewers engage with them. Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far is timed to coincide with the release of a new book of the same title, which surveys Sagmeister’s illustrious career.

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