Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stefan Sagmeister vs Marc Quinn by Laeten Taylor

Stefan Sagmeister is among todays most important designers an icon of the 1990s AIGA Detroit poster, a specimen of Sagmiesters style shrinking to the point of sensationalism and and humorous but in an unsettling way ,nearly unexcepted ,his work mixes sexuality with wit and a hint of sinister Sagmiesters technique is often simple to the point of banality. From using a scalpel to open his skin to spelling out words with roughly cut out strips of white cloth.

Sagmiesters appears to be covering himself ,like there is something wrong with him all his work is a bit dark as if he does not like himself or is hiding something yet when you look at dark art ,it does not relate to his at all because the darkness comes from within. Most of his work seems to revolve around himself. is he introvert?, is he self obsessed?, i think so ,i feel he even questions his own ability and confidence. I am not very compelled to look at his work and it does not inspire me i don,t feel the answers to the questions relate to his work.

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Clea said...

Yes Laeten, some of Sagmeister's images are a little dark and sinister - intentionally disturbing and provocative. Mark Quinn an interesting connection.
Check out Damien Hirst.