Friday, September 5, 2008

Abby - Free Pitching

• Winning feels good.
• $$.
• Possible follow up work.
• More contacts.
• Self employment (no boss).
• Competition is fun and addictive.
• Competition inspires some people to get better.
• Improve skills by learning from other designers.
• Gain experience.
• Cheaper and more affordable for small business and Charities.
• Get feedback on your work.
• Add to your portfolio.
• Work as an inexperienced designer.
• Freedom and opportunity.

• Not winning feels bad.
• No $$ and lots of work.
• Comp. can intimidate and discourage some people.
• Risk of stealing idea.
• Competitions sometimes cancelled and there is no winner.
• Less money for the profession.
• Unprofessional design briefs and not very good for in experienced designers to learn from.
• Clients are not designers so they pick the design they like but this not always the best one.
• Inexperienced and unqualified designers make a lower standard of designer work.
• Power imbalance between employers and designers.
• No job security and no guarantee of money.

Competition is a good idea for inexperienced designers to try. It’s good for their future portfolio and to get a job.
Designers can get good money if they win. People who are not graphic designers could win the competitions with poor designers. This lowers the value of design. Free pitching can be good because graphic designers can share their ideas with each other and this helps improve the skills of inexperienced designers. It does not provide job security and is not a guaranteed way to get money

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