Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Govinda - Free Pitching - Beneficial or Detrimental

After reading the pro’s and cons of free pitching, I am more confused than ever as to whether I believe it is good or bad. Both sides of the issue are relevant and important. Free pitching is viewed by many as being unprofessional and detrimental to the design industry as it devalues the designer’s work. It can also encourage poor quality work as the designers are trying to win the pitch instead of trying to create the best possible design solution.

On the other hand, some designers love free pitching and find it works well for them. Melbourne based designer Richard Scott sources the majority of his work from free pitching. He enjoys the thrill of winning and finds it drives him on in his design and encourages his creativity. He chooses his jobs and is able to work for himself.

Free pitching is such a large and controversial topic that is causing a stir in the design industry. Design organization such as DIA and AGDA are strongly against pitching in all its forms and are working to stop it.

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