Sunday, September 21, 2008

Govinda-Design Studio Comparison

Red Graphic is an international graphic design agency with a long and impressive list of clients including Mercedes Benz, Nivea and Coco Cola. Even though this company represents such large clients, it has retained its friendly, humorous and unique attitudes. Tropixel, on the other hand, is a local graphic design studio situated here on the Gold Coast. There business approach is simple, professional and friendly.

Both design companies pride themselves on their wide range of skills and ability to understand the client’s needs.

Red Graphic, even though being a well known design studio who deals with large, multi million dollar companies, presents itself like a small, unique and somewhat quirky studio. Their approach is very fun and different. Tropixel, being a small, local design studio, tries to present itself like a big reputable company. Professionalism is a priority. This is something that Red Graphics does not push.

It is interesting to see how these two companies, one large and one small, portray themselves. The large company acts like a small one and the small company tries to act like a large one.

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