Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JOSH - Stephan Sagmeister

The interviews with Stephan Sagmeister are really interesting.
Opened my insight into graphic design a lot. The theme that I got out of the interviews were we all live a life. Everybody learns and teachers through there lifetime. And it is up to us whether we remember and grow. Sagmeister really interested me when he talked about the journal writing. I my self have wanted to start getting into it but never started.
Now I am keen.

On my search for the image I came across the book ‘the things I have learned so far’.
I thought this tied in very nicely with the information I got out of the interviews.

So I chose this image.

What really made this image relate was when i found this image from a private source.
This is a perfect example of how we learn. These people took one idea from Sagmeister and an experience that we all experience and merged the two.
Somehting that Sagmeister talks about althrough the interviews

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