Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tane - Hall Project

I'm going to explore the hierarchy of a general corporate design firm.

The levels in the hierarchy will be represented by a unifying theme - FLEA CIRCUS.

Each job or level will be visually depicted as a flea trained to do a unique trick. The Ringmaster will exploit them all with a whip, representing the client.

The look? Vectorised clean shapes, incorporating some textured surfaces, possibly as background. Some of the lettering may be textured. 

Each square is non-connective to the others and shows a view of the relevant flea employee.

Information about each flea employee will be written on a plaque (part of the picture) that explains that this is the design consultant and look what tricks he can do.

A common circus-ish colour palette will tie the pieces together.

Images, vectorised, will be mostly drawn - but it depends on the availability of free relevant internet images.

Jump, diminutive fleas! JUMP!

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