Sunday, September 21, 2008


Theme: Roles and Responsibility of the Designer.

Each tile will feature a different girl/character to represent the designer; hand rendered with light and heavy toned graphic pencils in a fashion illustration style. The tiles will also feature birds hand rendered as well. I’ll use different species of bird for each tile.

The drawings will be edited in photoshop, where I’ll crop the images and change the colour and tones etc.

The colour palette of the tiles will primarily be soft, pastel colours. The colours will be hand rendered, soft and vibrant- watercolour, watercolour pencils and normal pencils.

The type will also be hand rendered. The type will be an addition to the metaphors and meaning on each tile to relate to the theme.

Each tile will have different perspective/views/scale to give the work variety.

Idea: birds singing the meanings of the theme.. Music notes etc.

Inspiration: Illustration by Kelly Smith

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