Friday, September 5, 2008


I ‘ve  just had a horrible flash forward guys. The free  pitching  had expanded all over in the design industry, I saw bloody big companies full of money stilling  our energy for their own purposes,  all our ideas, talent, creativity,  brilliant concepts……they were  simply gone. I think this matter needs to be considered seriously, we  must open our eyes and stop feeding this kind of business, it is not worth it because this is not about design business, this is just about companies  business and their strategies to make money by exploiting people for free . Why multimillionaire Chanel (for example) should pay 10 employees 1000 $ a month (= 10000$ ) to get  only 10 ideas when it could have 50 ideas (maybe even 50 final renderings) and paying just one person(for ex.) 2000 $? There are a lot of ways to be noticed out there without to be used as a puppet of a nonsense destiny.  Creating  a nice web site to  be able to show our portfolio and skills would  be better than competing for something that might be totally vain as a competition  with unsure profit and many expectations . I ‘m just trying to say that we should, in this matter, separate  pitching competitions or competitions in general from work . If you want to prove yourself that you are good at design is plenty of competitions out there that you can enroll in, but if you’re talking about work  what  you want to   have is the certainty  that you `ll  be payed for what you do. Besides, If you do free pitching  who guarantee  that you `ll be noticed? Will they contact you again?. I think that  we  need to be protected  otherwise  there will be no good perspectives for the design business………………….Don’t feed the monster,  BOICOT IT.


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