Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gemma: Tiles Project

For my tiles project I found it quite difficult to settle on an idea that I was happy with. I decided to choose the topic from the brief about how to stay abreast of design trends. I plan to express this topic through representing different time periods on each of the eight tiles; reflecting the popular culture and aesthesis in terms of graphic design in that era as well as any introductions to design, for example, Macintosh computers, digital camera, etc.

Each tile will have a year on it, eg. 1940, 1950’s, 1960’s. I aim to create an image and possibly quotes that represent the era on a whole to the best it can.
Research into the movements of each time period in design has been really helpful, I have been looking into designers work from such time periods, introductions of typefaces and popular designs that seem to be still well known today.

The tiles can be arranged in any order, however I think it would be most appropriate if they were set in accenting order in terms of each time period. Hopefully I can capture the feeling and movement of each time period and the final tile will depict what I feel may be some future graphics in the design industry.

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