Monday, August 11, 2008

ALEC: Pentagram vs. THLU

Pentagram VS the Haters Love Us

By placing these two polar opposite design studios side by side I will be exploring the relationship between:

Expression vs. set goals

Design freedom vs. clients

The Haters Love Us is a two man design studio/creative outlet based out of Brisbane. Both the art director/graphic designer and motion graphic artist are heavily involved in the local/national indie music scene and draw from it a lot of inspiration. Their interview for states that although they’d be over the moon working for big name clients such as ‘MTV’ they are just as content doing their own thing. They create for the sake of creating - not for specific clients – which sets them apart from Pentagram instantaneously. This take it or leave it attitude gives the pair less boundaries and the freedom to express themselves without the encroaching parameters of clients/briefs.

Pentagram on the other hand is a multi national design studio based out of the UK which prides themselves on satisfying clients/pleasing users as is stated on their home page. They dabble in prints, screen graphics, products, environments, architecture and corporate identity which give them a wide client potential. Identity, function and aesthetics are three common goals that transcend Pentagram as a design studio and as a result I find their work a bit sterile. But being such an enormous company I think they must apply and abide by some well thought out goals which in some ways is good for the companies’ identity but gives them less creative leeway.

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