Sunday, August 31, 2008


Free pitching is the concept of supplying design ideas without payment in order to compete for a job.  The mere idea undermines the industry, I see the design industry as a both an artistic and a trade based industry.  You do not ask a landscaper designer to design your front garden for free before you decide wether or not you are going to employ them to work on your back garden.  In order for a designer to attain a job in the industry he/she must have proven themselves and created a formidable portfolio.  Free pitching cuts out the process.  If all jobs were given based on free pitching you would have an industry full of half-arsed, under-qualified and dodgy designers.  It is unprofessional, free pitching is for amateurs, and it is simply a way for companies to save money on design costs and that is all.  I believe that professional credibility is of the utmost importance in the design industry, and you must work on creating an exceptional portfolio so a company recognises your design capability rather than free pitching and undercutting. 

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