Monday, August 11, 2008

Paolo - Gravitate studio VS de-Luxe & Associates


Gravitate studio was founded in 1999

Their priorities are : doing great work, treating their employees really well, and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

One of their slogan is: Talent isn't found in European light fixtures or expensive coffee.  Good business, they say, isn’t about those things – it’s about delivering outstanding solutions that are sensible and that drive profit.


 Michael Parker
Co-Founder, Director of Strategic Marketing

Founding Gravitate was a natural extension of his lifelong passion for marketing and business. As Gravitate's resident search engine guru, Michael helps companies get found and stay on top.

 Cyndi Nguyen
Co-Founder, Creative Director

  AT Gravitate, Cyndi leads all interactive design with a keen eye on web usab

ility. She's passionate about clean design, smart site engineering, and good ol' fashioned creativity.


The studio has 4 major fases within a project life cycle: Discovery( to ask questions) Conceptualization (research, and then they think of creative solutions to common problems) , Implementation( 1 construct the navigational architecture.2 put graphic and content to the pages. 3 technical requiments.4 Flash animations, dynamic menus and multimedia components), Deployment (double-check our work, get final approvals).



 Founded in 1993 by James and Nicola de vries to combine the best of Corporate 

Print Communications and Magazine Art Direction. De Luxe has completed many of the largest, most prestigious newspaper and magazine design projects in Australia and has extensive experience in Asia.

TEAM: James de Vries (creative director).

 Nicola de Vries (co-founder, she has run the amministration and human resources division of the organization.


Ford (art director)

Katherine Hall (senior designer)

Caroline Fox, John Scott (designers)


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