Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sagmeister Inc. ..VS.. Wolff Olins

Within the graphic design industry, there are many different corporations and business out there; each offering there own  take to the business, the work and the clients. Two cases are, Sagmeister Inc. and Wolff Olins. Each is their own business, while both working in the same business. Between the two, their are a lot of comparisons. They range from the staff, to location, to ambitions, and most critically style. 

Sagmeister Inc. was founded by Stefan Sagmeister, and is located in New York. He works very originally compared to other, well known design businesses. He works by himself and usually with his apprentice. The major result and key idea behind keeping the business so small and tight, is so the sagmeister, keeps the style he is looking for and the direction in which he wants to take the job. his work is very unique. He thrives on originality, using that key idea for the reason why he is so popular. His works include a wide variety, including c.d. layouts, posters, brochures, books and many more. 

Some of his more famous works include, the Lou Reed CD design "Set The Twilight Reeling", an amazing Adobe poster, the Rolling Stones CD "Bridge To Babylon", the instillation "Being Not Truthful" etc. Sagmeister follows his unique style to jump out from the pack, and thus breaking away from corporate identities.

On the other side of the scale their is Wolff Olins. This million dollar company focuses on brand consultancy. This company has landed many major deals including the design for the 2012 London Olympic Games. The business was Founded in Cape Town London in 1965, and from 1990 became a lot more corporate. The company is based around its 180 staff members. they include designers, consultants and account managers. Some of their Major works include "G.E.", Sony Ericcson, Unilever, and most of all the 2012 london olympics. 

When we look at two very different company's we see how their size really relates to their work. While Wolff Olins can score major deals, their works become a lot more formal, while Sagmeister Inc. can really give their client a unique product. Each company has its triumphs and flaws though within this cut throut business, its hard to please everyone. each company has its own style, and if design became uniform then it would look like our world would become very boring.

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