Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brown and Co. / Ditley Web Design - Tane

Brown and Co. / Ditley Web Design

Here are two very different design companies, both in their approach and promotional image.
Brown & Company exudes an informal and creative yet organised image at They try to reach clients on the level, not bignoting a godlike corporate image as Ditley Web Design could be accused of. Brown Design declares ‘We want to create great work that our clients love – and we want to have fun while we do it.’ They describe their office space as unconventional, sporting disco balls, antique bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and lizards living in jukeboxes. ‘Some people think it’s a little strange, we think it’s inspiring!’

Brown & Company describes themselves as a 20 person strategic design studio that evolved from a two-person shop. They present themselves as very open, doing work ranging from banner ads for AOL to the logo of a local bakery shop. ‘Giving back to our community is also important to Brown & Company. From time donated to local nonprofits to our annual Pro-Bono Partnership, we strive to inspire a culture that promotes philanthropy and a sense of responsibility towards the community we’re a part of.’
Ditley Web Design is a subcompany of Chicago Web Design. They specialize in website design, website development, logo design, e-commerce shopping cart programming, TV informercial production with web splash page, product development and the list goes on and on. They apparently specialize in everything.

At, (no www) they convey a slick, body-corporate officey feel. The word professional looks like their main objective in image. The website is well designed as an effective way to reach other officey clients. It is strictly formal, well organized and filed, and indeed very professional. They rabbit on about how ‘A website is your corporate identity on the internet/Watch as we help you accomplish online yada yada/ success/ capitalizing/ return on investment’ and other terms invented to bore one into submission. They reckon they’ve set the standard for quality web design in Chicago.
Two very different companies. But both are extremely effective in reaching their target clientele.

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Anonymous said...

I am an employee at Ditley Web Design based in Chicago. I would like to point out that this was a SCHOOL PROJECT who used our name without permission. While some things depicted in this post are true, this is not an accurate definition of what our company is all about.

We would like to stress that we are not a sub-company of any entity.

If you are one of the owners of this post we would greatly appreciate your email correspondence to