Sunday, August 31, 2008

PITCHING-Kurt Nischel

Well after reading through the hand outs and looking at various pitching/competition sites and graphic design association sites, I've come to think that it,s
not such a bad thing, I think for people such as us students it,s a great way to get confidence and experience in the real world of design. If i,m to enter a competition i've got everything to gain but really nothing to loose,maybe just a bit of my time that i should be spending on assignments. The other thing that I found beneficial was in reading the story of Richard Scott who has won several Design Contests he has actually formed a great client base from winning those contests, and he was delighted that he could pick and choose what contests he entered being completely self employed and in control of what work he does, I guess in the long run it would be quite detrimental to the industry if all design was to take this approach but I think that it,s highly unlikely to happen as there will always be the large corporations and brands that need good qualified designers and the personal relationship and communication received in hiring a professional.

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