Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leilani; Sagmeister

It could be said; Sagmeister is not to everyone’s tastes, but such is the bane of being different. His works range from the bizarre and socially uncomfortable to the clean cut and demure. When you look from the work on the Rolling Stones CD cover, to that of the AIGA poster, of blood and bare skin, and it becomes clear that Sagmeister is no ‘one trick pony’. He is unusual, to say the least, and that can be a good and a bad thing. I find his work at times brash and shocking, other times humorous and thought provoking, and even quite unexpectedly - beautiful.

I like the way he designs things so that they are more than they first appear, with such instances as the book cover of a German Shepard - appearing at first harmless - and then the ferocity of its knashing teeth as you go to open it. Sagmeister opens eyes - and mouths - with his unusual stylistic approaches, but then, is that not the beauty of design? It can exist in anything and everything in the world around us; to inspire, inform, surprise, help, hinder, with and without us even knowing it.

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