Sunday, August 10, 2008 / - Kurt
Corporate Image Design and Marketing is a company based out of Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria and was established in 1990, they are a large company that are experts in Corporate Identity and Branding on a National and International level and have a huge client list. There is a core team made up of branding experts and graphic designers for brand and corporate identity, online and print design.
also web designers and developers for complete online marketing solutions.
and brand and marketing consultants for strategic direction and implementation.
Then to support there core team there are Photographers, Sign-writers, Printers ,Digital animators and Market researchers to provide complete packages.The overall feel and vibe from this Design studio is Slick and and of high expertise, although for my liking it,s a very sterile and geometric style that mainly caters for large businesses.
Bubblefish is a young new graphic design boutique located in Pyrmont, Sydney. and was formed in 2005 by Delia (art direction and graphic design) and Rendy (Website programming, internet advertising and branding consultancy). The duo,specialize in offset printing and the production of high-quality design artworks; There expertise range from branding, company identity, custom websites design, magazine advertising, advertising campaigns and various other design solutions. They are innovative and fresh and have an artistic flare thats really eye catching. This type of Design studio/Environment is some what more appealing to me as the overall style of the work is that much more exciting and innovative, it,s a more personal type of design work.

Its quite easy to see the main differences between these design studio's the overall size of the companys and the type of work that is taken on and produced by these two firms is entirely different.

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