Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Pitching - ON THE FENCE

I think free pitching has a place, particularly for design students and the newies in the field. It allows designers to have a ‘crack’ at a variety of jobs, which allows them to get a good dose of experience in practical application and hopefully at least the occasional win.

I do however feel that it does have a problematic side to it. Free pitching has the ability to undercut the field of design with the possibility of price wars and a reduced quality in work. This will obviously cheapen the design profession and make the survival of designers just a little harder.

If free pitching had some type of regulations either to do with size of companies, gross profit margins, it would have some control on whether a company could apply to sites like 99designs. At least then there could be some responsible control, which would hopefully appease both sides of the fence. As for me I think I’ll sit on it for now.


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