Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stefan Sagmeister-Kurt Nischel

I Think one of the most appealing aspects of the design work done by Stefan Sagmeister would have to be the fresh ideas that he constantly comes up with.
The graphic design industry is an enormous field and for someone to be constantly
able to pull new and exciting mediums out of the hat with such simple but effective ideas, in my eyes is a true master.

I especially love the passion that is put into his typographical work, where his humanistic touch is just so brilliant! the colors that are displayed weather it,s Red blood dripping from his own skin or reflections of metal floating on a Aqua Blue swimming pool it's these great ideas that make his design work stand on there own.

I also really like the way he speaks and his straight to the point honesty in various interviews about design, it's very inspiring, The point of not working for people who he doesn't like is such a great work ethic i can totally relate to.

There is a saying in the German language "klein aber fein" which if it,s directly translated means "small but fine" but what i,m getting at is that "good things come in small packages" relating to his studio ethics where he deliberately keeps it small and condensed, it definitely shows in his style and work.

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