Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gemma: Bonsai Studios and Cato Partners

Bonsai Studios (, compared to Cato Partners and many other Design co-operations, is a fairly a small graphic and web design company. With this in mind, their modest size makes them very at hand with their clients, specializing in affordable electronic and print media solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Clients are dealt with personally as Bonsai aims to develop a close and professional relationship between both the client and designer striving to create exactly what the customers envision. Clients talk one-on-one with the same experienced designer throughout the entire design process in order to achieve a more than sound result and outcome, satisfying both client and designer.

On a more widely based and up market level stands Cato Partners (
This is Australia’s leading identity management and design group and one of the largest design companies in the Southern Hemisphere, with offices reaching across Australia and in four continents. This larger based company aims to achieve their ‘success’ differently opposed to already mentioned bonsai studios as they approach their clients on a wider scale through vast media advertising and methodologies.

Approaches they adapt to such as Broader Visual Language™ (allows them to achieve maximum market impact) give the company the ability to sell, position, communicate or influence their target market as they provide brand strategy, design architecture, implementation, audits, print and digital asset management.

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