Sunday, August 10, 2008

---------------> Pentagram Vs. TKOSM

I have chosen compare two very different design companies that are on opposite ends of the spectrum in the design world. Firstly, Pentagram is a long established international design firm with a global clientel. However at the other end of the scale you have Tksom a local business that is just starting out in a specialized industry.

Alan Fletcher, Theo Cosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange and Mervyn Kurlansky established pentagram in London in 1972. They have since established offices across the globe in New York, San Francisco, Austin and Berlin. They are a massive multi-faceted organization that works in graphic design, identity, architecture, interiors and products. They have developed packaging and products for many well-known companies as well as a good number of brand identities. Pentagram is made up of a long list of equal partners who each have an equal share, they also have there own independent design teams that work under a lead partner that is always in overall control.

The Kingdom Of Sad Machines (TKOSM) is a small graphic design company that was established in Brisbane in 2002. TKSOM consists of a a 3 man team including an art director, project manager and junior designer. They produce music and art magazines covering the National scene and also create logo designs for local bands, clubs and venues. It is a small company that is carving a niche within a specialized industry and its reputation for fine artwork and design is growing rapidly in Australia.



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