Sunday, August 10, 2008

LEE: Pentagram vs. Wolff Olins

Pentagram was founded in 1972 by five partners who all specialized in different areas of design. Pentagram is now one of the most well known design firms in the world. They provide a service across all forms of graphic design, from architecture t products to interior design. They have an organizational structure based around the 7 partners doing business with the client and then creates a team of designers based on their individual skills that are good for the job at hand, the partner remains in control of this work group and remains in contact with the client. When the project is finished the team is disassembled and the designers are ready for another job.

Wolff Olins was founded in 1965, and is also, one of the most well known design companies in the world. one of their biggest and most important clients it general motors, to which they have a whole floor of their for story building dedicated to due to the sheer workload needed for general motors. Wolff Olins is primarily focused on corporate branding.
Unlike pentagram, wolff olins keeps itself as more of a faceless company, possibly because it is so large, rather than the smaller pentagram.

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