Saturday, November 22, 2008

Abby’s Hallway Project:

I researched and brainstormed what the eight different panels could be about. I did thumbnails for all the ideas from the brainstorm. I talked to the client and they suggested that maybe I could do a visual communication with sign (Auslan) about Graphic Design methods and so I researched to look for the right signs and updated my thumbnails. I took the photos of my hands making the signs, then traced the sign photos using the path tool in Photoshop then sent them to Illustrator and added colours. I feel happy with my work. It looks good and is a good visual representation of sign language. It shows people interesting things about Deaf culture sign language for Graphic Design. I didn’t have any problems with my time management and planning. I am happy that I found a good print shop, Dynamic Digital. They make sticky paper. I am very impressed with the print quality. All the colours look lovely. I made a little mistake with the wrong size for the trim and bleed. I will do more practice to get the trim and bleed size right at home.

In work by the class: I like Kurt’s work. It was good how he used bananas to guide through the panels. I also liked the photos of gorillas. Roz is very good at drawing with colours. Paolo had a clever idea of using his face in different contexts. Leilani had nice drawings with very interesting titles. Tracy’s background texture is very interesting. Rogan did good drawings of his face. Tané’s circus titles were very interesting. The people appeared 3D. In Alicia’s work, the lady’s face with different colours and textures on each panel are nice.

I enjoyed that course.

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