Sunday, November 16, 2008

VISUAL METAPHORS.. the unstable truth

What an…interesting project.  As always, I ‘put off today what could be done tomorrow’ and ending up rushing the final tiles. Funnily enough, I am happy with the final outcome, which is not usually the case. A perfectionist with procrastination tendencies… never a good mix. The concept for the tiles was definitely the most time consuming and mental incapacitating part of the whole thing. It literally took me weeks to actually think of something that was even worthwhile putting all that time and effort into. With so many different avenues to pursue, it should have been easy, right? And yet, sometimes freedom is the fast-track to destruction.

Yes, Mental blocks are always fun.

Once I had the concept, everything else came easily; the process of translating what was in my mind onto a computer was quickest and most painless part of it. I had originally planned to scan the illustrations in and then digitally colour them, but I changed my mind. Partially because of running out of time, but also because I did like the way they looked in black and white.

The synopsis here? Crazy. Stressful, and mentally asphyxiating---

But definitely worthwhile.

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