Sunday, November 23, 2008

Graphic Design
Is There A Future

Every one is talking about the credit crunch, a looming depression, an economic downfall. What ever happens, it is obvious that we are in for some harder times. Money will be tight. People will not be spending like they use to and some industries will be hit harder than others. This brings me to the question: will people still need graphic design?

This could go two ways. Companies may, in all the reclining money dilemmas, begin spending more on advertising and marketing to try and keep their sales alive. This would keep up a sufficient amount of work for the competitive graphic design industry.

Or the workload will dry up. Advertising budgets could be cut and with many companies going bust and closing down, there could be a huge decline in the need for graphic design.

Were does this leave us. Young graphic designers just starting out in an already established and competitive industry may find it hard to find any work.

Hopefully the effects of this financial crisis wont hit too soon, and we will have an opportunity to get ourselves going in the industry before it all goes sourer.

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