Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - a forgotten shakespearean tale

It has been said that ‘the best things in life are free’.

It has also been said that you ‘don’t get anything for nothing’

So which is true?

Free pitching. Good idea or not?

I can’t say that I am with either polarity. I don’t entirely agree with it, and yet, I find myself unable to disregard it completely. We live in such a technologically advanced world, almost everyone owns or has access to a computer, and a rather startling majority of these, if not superbly technically proficient, can use Photoshop or some other imaging program to a basic degree. Even my own mother can cut out an image and put some text on it. I am constantly awed and surprised by the amount of talent out there, sites such a deviantart are inspirational as well as a humbling to me, reminding me just how competitive this area has become.

It is easy to turn to free pitching to attain that much revered leg up in the GD world. Older accomplished designers find it easy to sneer at it, but free pitching is a tempting route for the young and passionate looking for anything and anywhere to channel their creativity. When your young, perhaps still in school, entering these sort of things to kill free time and perhaps win something in the process, it seems harmless. A bit of fun, with the lure of a something nice at the end. But I see the other side, too, how it devalues the Graphic Design industry and most likely costs jobs. After all that I find myself sitting on the fence about the whole thing.

And I think I like it there.

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