Sunday, November 16, 2008

ALEC - hallway tiles

A challenging project to say the least!

I chose to explore the relationship between big corporate style design studios VS the smaller grass roots style studio and their relationship to money making and success. While idea generating I ran into many design cul-de-sacs, forcing me to re-evaluate my direction and what I wanted to say. In the end I chose to take the simpler approach by letting the typography do most of the talking. My intention was to create designs which were really clean and fresh and I used this project as an excersise to explore the ideas of creative typography. 
By using Jamie as my star I was trying to give of the 'grass roots designer' vibe because my tiles tried to illustrate how money/success can influence which direction you take in the design world. 
At the printers I gave them an 8 page pdf to print but one of the tiles was not showing up fully but luckily I had the single tiles on my usb as well so they were able to print the troublesome tile from that!
All in all fun project, my only setback was not being able to fully explore the text tweaking capabilities in illustrator.

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