Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gemma: The end of 2008

What was a daunting start to the year is now coming to an end; an end of a much anticipated and exiting year in which I hope to safely say, on the whole of the class, that we would feel that step closer towards our new career pathway.

Straight from high school and the de-stressing of the HSC, I felt as though this course would be the ideal option to landmark the start of a career in Graphic design. Now nearing the end of the fundamentals course I feel like it has done just that.
It’s a good feeling to finish off the year with some new skills, friends, teachers and inspiration to take away with you over the break and hopefully put to good use next year. With this all said, there are certainly some things that I have learnt which I hope to apply to next year in terms of the work load which I understand will be much greater than now.

This year I have learnt:
- Time management is the second most important key to completing any design, creativity and inspiration is the first
- If a design isn’t working, most often its easier just to start over with something new
- Indesign & Illustrator
- The more fonts you have, the longer it will take you to finish a project
- Crop and Bleed marks!

Things I hope to stick to in the future:
- Try to do thumbnails on the first day you get a brief
- Keep things organised – both on computer and in folders
- Have a time management plan
- Balance design with everyday life
- Have social time when it fits

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