Saturday, November 22, 2008

Abby’s interests

I am very interested in graphic design in a wide range of areas - web design, photography and general graphic design. “DG magazine” is very good. They always have tutorials for photoshop. They have good descriptions about graphic design techniques. They have advertisements and information for software and mac computers, which I love. Every year they make a Portfolio of people’s work, it is very interesting work they also include web design too. This is good because I want to learn ideas for web design to make a photo web gallery on a web site. They advertise events like design conferences and festivals. I have sometimes been to some of these interesting events.
I like another magazine “Desktop” it is similar to DG, it also has good links and good information to give me ideas. I love both magazines and any magazines about photography. I like to learn from them, they show a lot about people’s work and give me ideas for the future.

Have a look web site DG and Desktop

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