Sunday, November 9, 2008

JOSH -8 panels

This was actually one of the most challenging projects for me.
I found it easy to choose my subject, (staying abreast of trends),
but after that i had real trouble in deciding what i wanted to do and even how to do what i had in my mind.
I found for me research was the key.
I spent hours on hours researching different eras.
finding out colours and fonts, icons and graphic elements that represented the era.

Because of my intensive research i was able to come up with my end creations in quite a short amount of time.
Which i am really happy with.
In all this prodject was fun and forced me to really research before i created.
I learnt alot about different eras and the best ways in which to research.
As far as the set out of the project over the series of weeks, i thought worked perfectly


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