Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jade's reflection on tiles.

My initial idea for my tiles was to have a bird in every tile as well as a girl, but after i drew all 8 girls i was feeling pretty exhausted and over it so it didnt happen... and plus i thought having both a girl and bird in every tile would be too repetitive. Before i began drawing i had the themes and meanings set out for each tile, but when i selected all of the fashion photographs i wanted to draw, matching the images with the meanings was harder than i thought, so i eventually ended up changing the meanings to suit the pictures, this ended up working pretty well anyway. i like the way my illustartions are done in just lead and no colour, but i still wanted to have some colour in my tiles, black and white would be far too dull and plain...... i was either going to add colour to the background, or the type, or put some kind of transparent colourd texture/wash over the whole tile(s) in photoshop. i decided to put colour on the type using water colour. i was pretty happy with how that turned out because it made the type more lively, and seemed to liven up the actual illustrations too. Every tile has differnet colour to give a bit of variation.
The easiest photographs to draw were defnitely the photos taken more close-up. it was just way easier to see the detail and copy the tone, shadows etc. my worst and least favourite tile is definitely “parade” which was probably more of a mid-shot more than a close up, i just wish i had more time to draw her again, but i guess i’m pretty happy with all 8 tiles. i think my illustrations really improved because of this assignment too.

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