Sunday, November 9, 2008


So after all the work is done, i,m really happy with the outcome of this project, I think for me the most difficult part of the whole thing was to come up with metaphors that really connected to the images i had planned.
The process went relatively smooth and easy, I made sure that my plan was good from the start and that i stuck to my guns and didn't change my mind mid way through. I did 2 photo shoots thanks to my mate Mat a photographer from the Bulletin Newspaper and my girl Melissa, I was in the gorilla suit, and the rest i illustrated or used Typography.
I did how ever learn a lot about the different techniques to deep etch hair and fur,
and thanks to Rosalind i found that the photoshop plug-in Fluid mask is a very powerful and useful tool for this.
I was happy with the final prints thanks to another good friend Paul at Sign Makers he did a great job for me and printed to a contact type plastic and it was then laminated and stuck to the foam core board (which was a bit thick to cut out) but was no problem in the end, i would have maybe gone back and done a little image correction as i feel the photography has come out a little dark but it,s really a minor thing. The main thing for me with this project was that i had fun!! and i can only hope that in the future i will get the opportunity to do similar things. ((>8)

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