Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tracy: follows on from Rossie's

Tracy’s thoughts on parenting.


If you follow Rossie’s advise on child rearing you will, all things considered, end up with a well-adjusted adult who doesn’t mind sharing important-even fun issues with you. At times this can get a bit uncomfortable, especially when their friends get together and they are discussing things that earlier generations may not have dreamed of sharing. Of course they think it’s hilarious if they see you becoming frazzled by the content, so in my experience it’s best to keep a straight face and accept what is being offered unless it is dangerous to themselves or others (then advise may be necessary). Quite often they will resolve these issues amongst themselves and they may just be bouncing off you in order to gauge your reaction.


Although we may not like to think about it, girls and boys are different in certain ways and as girls may be closer to their mothers through the adolescent years, boys can become distant, especially if they are fiercely independent. I was told that this would turn back around by about the age of twenty-three, and who-ever told me this was correct, as my little angel has become a likeable young man who shares. 

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