Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tiles Projectings - Tane

The Project In Which I Made Tiles For The Tile Project That I Did
Tane Richardson

first off, I'm actually really happy with how my Flea Circus tiles printed out. Word up:

What I Be Liking:
- The colors came out really well to my exact intentions,
- The lines on the images are vector clean,
- They were cut to the right size,
- It make happy.

What Not I Be Liking:
- The gradients arent entirely smooth, a tad on the blocky side,
- Up close, the header font is a little pixelated, and tastes like dog food,
- The font for the Audience is different because i missed outlining that one, (But its fine because the audience is separate to the circus, all the more effective),
- Its not edible. >swears<

That's about the print job. Now let us delve deeper into the whole flea circus shebang. 

The method I used to come up with this idea was to write all the random words that came into my head, and among pirates, pappadums and gherkin-related concepts, the term flea circus stood out. I liked it. And I rolled with it.
(I dont know if anyones noticed, but circus themes are all i seem to push out these days.)
So then i decided that the panels had to be unified by a certain color palette, and i thought up orange and purple. I think this was a good choice because those colours look good together and give out a nice novelty circus effect. They turned out well on the printouts.

So i mapped out the metaphors between design jobs and circus roles, and i think theyre the best i can do, i like them...

I drew everything with a mouse in Illustrator, and they each took A LOT of effort and time because i was constantly seeing how good i could make them. So each tile you see is when i reached the limit of my patience and Illustrator skills.

Yep, i like it! cant criticise much of it except that i apparently didnt outline the Audience header for print, but hey whaddyagonnadoboutityaknow? fughedaboutit.

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