Monday, November 24, 2008

JOSH - free pitching


Free pitching is a interesting topic because it is so easy to have a half half opinion.
Im so torn because in one point i agree with free pitching.
If i was an employee i would use the free pitching idea, that way i would be getting a few different ideas and methods with out having to pay for hours spent with each design. Also this could work in my benefit if i was to make the design job open to anyone that wanted to free pitch. i would also be getting alot of new and fresh ideas, something i may not get if i was using the same old employees overtime.
Although if i was the employer i dont think free pitching is very fair because not only are you not receiving any money for your ideas, your also competing for your ideas to even be used in the first place.
BUT if i was one of these people entering my ideas to a company i wasn't part of, i could receive future employment from doing so.

so in conclusion i can still see it from both sides.


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