Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rosalind -Something to share

I've had a little think about what I'd like to share with everybody and decided on ... useful facts on how to bring up a child because aside from Tracy I'm the only other one in our group who has a child, unless any of you have any secret love children out there that none of us know about.

1. Talk to your child in proper english, no goochie goo rubbish, believe me they are not that stupid.

2. Don't make idle threats unless you intend to see them through; children are experts at winding you round their fingers and getting their way.

3. Let them watch lots of animal documentaries so when the dreaded "how do you make babies?" question comes up, you can relay it back to the animals, much less confrontational.

4. Remember, up until a child is around 10 years old their brains don't judge distance and speed very well, no walking to school by themselves.

5. Laugh a lot it keeps everyone happy.

6. Last but not least never stop watching cartoons.

So hopefully some of these pointers may be useful later on in life. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.


PS Boys if you want to have children don't wear pants like these!!!!

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