Sunday, November 9, 2008


So basically, my hallway project was going to be based on the G-team, which was a mild rip-off of the A-team, with the G standing for graphics, and several visual puns based on the different jobs in the graphic design industry.

That was about as far as i got with that idea so i decided to just do whatever came to me without thinking about it much. and ended up with a fairly decent outcome. My final 8 panels are basically a "how to guide" to enjoying a productive relationship with graphic design.

All of my designs are drawn on paper first, scanned in to the computer, live traced and colored in, in illustrator.
the 8 panels are thus:

-Title: Introduces the collection

-Stay positive: stay positive in the industry or it will devour your soul.

-aim high: Basically saying that you should try to be your best.

-Think outside the box: be creative and dot adhere to social norms.

-Use your imagination: don't be afraid to do something really stupid. Accompanied by a picture that i made by just drawing whatever came into my head without thinking about it, and ran with it.

-Be nice to others: If you are not nice to people, you are a douche. and no-one likes a douche now do they?

-try new things: a picture that is completely different in style from the other 7. don't be afraid to branch out.

-Never give up: if you are having difficulty completing a task, try your best to see it through to the end. the picture is supposed to be of a half finished drawing but no-one is yet to understand it without me explaining it to them first).

And that's the gist of my project. If you have any questions please forward them to my secretary.

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