Sunday, November 9, 2008

Govinda - Tiles Reflection

Tiles reflection

I really struggled at the beginning of this project trying to come up with an idea. I found the visual metaphor a difficult concept. I ended up settling on the topic of the design process, a journey of design, expressing it through an expedition to a new land. I hand drew the images and then edited them in Photoshop.

Once I had scanned them in, I felt that they where too bland and needed some colour. I was too scared to go over the originals in water colour so I searched in Photoshop for an effect that would give the same look as hand painted. I managed to create a brush that gave a watercolour look, which I was hoping to share with you all but now I have forgotten how I did it! Anyway, I’m happy how it turned out.

I had the tiles printed at Dynamic Digital, a great printing centre and had a good experience there.

Although at the beginning of the project I was struggling, I ended up enjoying myself and learning new skills along the way. I wanted to use a medium that I was not familiar with and experimented with ink pens. I had fun and I’m happy how the tiles have turned out.

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