Sunday, November 16, 2008


For my visual metaphors hallway tiles project, i chose to chose to explore the responsibilities of a designer and what it takes to achieve success in the industry.  I began by brainstorming several possible outcomes, but i just couldn't escape the correlation between graphic design and person hygiene/presentation.  Stuck on this idea i began preliminary sketches and thumbnails, i started out with a more animated comic book vibe, but then came to the realization that comic art did not really relate to the subject matter.  So i rethought my strategy, i thought of possibly making my tiles look like instructional signage with a clean, clear design rather than going for something to 'fine art', which isn't really what i believed to be to relevant to the project.  However i still wished to use illustration in my project, i was at a crossroads.  Until one morning i staggered upstairs to slop together some breakfast goodness, i sat down at the table to eat my goodness,and i saw it...a 'Bunnings' catalogue of all things. In this catalogue (below) the products were all shown as black and white illustrations rather than the usual deep etched photographs.   Genious! i thought...
The catalogue, the inspiration.

After eyeballing this amazing catalogue i began work straight away, deciding that i would use illustrations of myself as the model or demonstrator in these tiles.  But i didn't feel comfortable drawing myself in such a glamorous light, so i decided to make a hybrid model of myself and a 1984 Michael Jackson.  The illustrations came together tremendously well.  Now all that was left was to add a single color for each tile, similar to that in airplane safety manuals to highlight the point. I also added some design to spruce it up a little more.  Printing was a breeze, i took the finals into Dynamic Digital at Tweed Heads as a multiple page pdf and had it printed in a matter of hours for the small fee of $20.  That was all she wrote i believe my project my project came out very well and it became almost exactly what i imagined it to be in my head on that fate-filled morning.

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