Sunday, November 23, 2008

ROGAN : My road to Kingscliff TAFE

Why i chose to study graphic design...
It all started in primary school when my dad brought me my first skateboard, i was blown away by the graphics it was a Santa Cruz deck, a bit of a retro throwback, it had big old Bones 'bomber' wheels.  I used this new toy to begin terrorizing my neighborhood. Soon the neighborhood was not enough, i began broadening my horizons, catching the train all over Brisbane in the unending search for spots.  It was then that i started noticing the graffiti along the train lines it was thoroughly inspiring.  I began taking paint and pens with me when i went out on skating missions and writing my name all over the city, at every opportunity.  Soon enough i was painting pieces on the lines and graffiti began to take precedence over skateboarding.  I began to build a name for myself even though few knew who i actually was, which was a really amazing feeling for me.  I would ride the train during the day and hear kids talking about my pieces, unbeknownst to them i would be standing right behind them or sitting in front of them.  When pieces of mine started getting published in globally distributed magazines i was able to network with other writers across the globe and it has given me some great opportunities to travel and live in a number of other countries and paint and party with kids from different cultures that are doing the same damn thing i started out doing all those years ago.  So basically it all started with skateboarding, i am still blown away by skate graphics and they have always influenced my graffiti art and design immensely.  So skateboarding lead to graffiti and i'm hoping graffiti leads me to a career as a designer.  Anyway, i'm not trying to promote graffiti even though i have definately gone off on a self-rant, but i am rather just trying to promote skateboard graphics as a wonderful branch of design, just check out work by Ed Templeton or Mike Giant, or even graffiti artists turned fine artists like Barry McGee or Todd James.  These guys have been great influences on me and their work speaks volumes.

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